Administrative module

The main function of this component is to manage the smooth progression of the online auction as a whole.

  • Custom and secure access page for the auction's administrator;
  • Ability to create additional user identities for auctioneer staff;
  • Multiple levels of privileged access;
  • Administration of your auction inventory;
  • Complete lists of all your sale items and pertinent information;
  • Coordination of all modules within the auction system;
  • Ability to EDIT each listed item with the click of a button;
  • Possibility of having an EXTRANET with access limited to vendor-customers;
  • Database management for secure lists of clients and users;
  • Secure management of all usernames and passwords;
  • Tracking of all system accesses;
  • Defining a reserve price;
  • Other internal or public information to be specified by our client;
  • Easy upload unlimited digital photos;
  • Modifications can easily be made at any time;
  • Descriptions (client vendor, event …) and specifications (date, time…);
  • Easy posting of previously entered items which were saved in the Intranet;
  • Easy searches for an item through databases, by item's lot number;
  • Purchase confirmations produced after each auction;
  • Manual sale authorization if final bid does not meet reserve bid.