What's the advantages?

Vortex Auctions is designed for optimal simplicity and efficiency. This system requires only the most minimal integration. Even for those with no previous experience with online auctions, our broadcast solution requires minimal investment to get started. To minimize start up costs, our new generation Auction System can even make use of your first-generation auction cameras and microphones as a source of audio-video data.

Vortex Auction Systems… Simple, economical and versatile

  • Guarantee of Accessibility and Usability for your users;
  • Customized and exclusive packages;
  • Fully integrated white label solution including both live broadcast auction and timed auction;
  • Great flexibility that enables efficient integration with other management systems;
  • Easy integration for your IT staff with our expert support;
  • Your bidder pool is fully protected;
  • Seamless integration to your corporate look and feel;
  • Friendly work team;
  • Proven technology used by over a 1,000 auctioneers over the last 12 years;
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA);
  • Competitive pricing structure, with no commissions on your sales;
  • Long-term consultative partner approach;
  • Ability to integrate payment and online deposit solutions;
  • PCI-certified solution for superior data security;
  • Google friendly, SEO-driven (Search Engine Optimization) catalogue;
  • No special software, applets or plugin downloads required by your online clients.