Purchaser-Client module

This component ensures you and your clients' complete confidentiality, all the while providing online buyers with an efficient and user friendly purchasing experience.

  • Access independent of user's computer speed;
  • Secure client database;
  • Secure list of all Purchaser-Clients;
  • Creation and management of bidder accounts;
  • Secure and privileged levels of access;
  • Transmission of real time audio, video;
  • Unlimited pictures per item;
  • Detailed view of each item description inclusing the possibility of your tube video;
  • Purchaser-Client can place bids on items;
  • Organized list of items up for bid at each auction;
  • Full report of auction results following each auction;
  • MagniView magnifying feature for catalogue items;
  • Downwards bid function for Collectibles and similar.

Possible Customization

  • Personalized screen for auction clients (company logo, colors…);
  • Personalized tote board for auctioneer (company logo, colors…);